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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Schedule

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Comprehensive Plan Implementation Schedule

The Comprehensive Plan of James City County is a guidance document and a tool to be used in the everyday decision-making process. This document embodies the guidance and direction of citizens, the business community, elected and appointed officials, appointed boards and committees, and the professional staff of the County. The Comprehensive Plan provides a blueprint for the future development of the County. It guides land use decisions, development and growth patterns, and standards for the facilities and services that the County government provides to its citizens. 

Most of the sections of the Comprehensive Plan include goals, strategies, and actions (GSAs) which collectively provide a mechanism for turning the written guidance of the Comprehensive Plan into tangible steps that can affect positive change in the County. A listing of these by Comprehensive Plan section is below.  It is important to note that these GSAs may not immediately lend themselves to implementation. Limitations, such as financial constraints, limits in needed resources, and Board of Supervisor’s and County Administration priorities can delay or change the implementation of a given goal, strategy, or action.

There are several elements in the implementation schedule:

  • Goals, strategies, and actions- defined for and listed by each section of the Comprehensive Plan;
  • Stakeholder- the group most directly affected by and/or responsible for completion of the action. May be the County government, a business or related agency, a neighborhood or non-profit group, or some combination thereof;
  • Timeframe- (in years) the approximate period of time in which the action is planned to be undertaken. If the action is projected to be continual or ongoing, it is placed in the “Ongoing” category.
  • Priorities make it easier to rank work items for inclusion in year-to-year work programs and the Board adopted Strategic Management Plan.

The 2009 Comprehensive Plan was adopted by the Board of Supervisors on November 24, 2009 and more information is available on

Status updates on the GSAs are provided annually in the Planning Commission's Annual Report.


 Implementation Schedule

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Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Economic Development ‎(62)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Environment ‎(68)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Housing ‎(42)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Land Use ‎(77)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Parks & Recreation ‎(62)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Population Needs ‎(39)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Public Facilities ‎(44)
Expand/Collapse Comp Plan Section : Transportation ‎(47)